Welcome to the New Downloads Page for Petz 3!

I hope you all like these new downloads I made just for you! I am very proad to say, that I, (Nora- owner of Silver Moon Kennelz) is the very first to make hexed Petz 3 clothing! I may have not made the most, or the best, but I'm the first! You can get kool outfits near the bottum! So whatta stayin' around here for?? Go ahead and look around! (Directions are at the very bottum) oh yes, and do not send me ANY emails asking for a certain breed, I have enough to last me 'till Petz 5! Oh yea, you need Winzip!

~~~ Petz 3 Breedz! ~~~

Bernese Mountain Dogz!

The Long-Haired Japanese Bobtail!

The Havana Brown!

Black and White Pigz!
*Note: PLEASE, Annie's and my pigz are
TWO DIFFERENT pigz! So don't send threatening
emails to either of us that we copied off of each other!

The Border Collie!

Download the Barn Cat Family!

Download the Barn Cats' breed file
(Chinchilla Persian)

Petz 3 Papillion!

(Maine Coon)

English Springer Spanial

American Curl
(Russian Blue)


(Maine Coon)

Make sure you make a folder called P to put the bmps in!

How to Put In Your New Downloads!

Ok, just follow these instructions!

1. If they are zipped, unzip the filez

2. Put the current filez from your Resource/Dogz, Resource/Catz, or Resource/Clothes items on your desktop, or in another folder.

Ex. If you downloaded the manx breed, put the Maine Coon filez onto your desktop or another folder, then put your new Maine Coon file (the one you downloaded) into the Resouce/Catz folder. Do the same thing with Dogz and Clothing.

3. Open your Petz Program and enjoy your new breedz and clothes!

*I am not to be disturbed with emails of you saying that I ruined your program, if you have any questions or comments, just email me a FRIENDLY (not negative) email and I will be HAPPY to help! Otherwise, no threating emails, I have used these breedz (and clothing!), and nothing of the negative sort has happened to my Petz 3 progam.

~* So just enjoy! *~

Email me if you have comments
or if you just have a suggestion
for a new breedz!!

peeps might want to "shop" for more items for their program!