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About Us

Hey! As you already should know, there are two owners: Janei and Nora. Well I guess you are wondering who we are! Here ya go!

Name: Nora
Nicknames: Kyttie, Kyt~Kat, Sofie, Sof
Birthday: December 19th, '84
Hair: Black w/ blue highlights
Eyes: Daaark brown
Miscellanious: I'm a Junior in High School and I luff musick. It's great, I luff stuff from punk/punk*pop to alternative, ska to show tunes and some oldies. I'm also in Drama and Poms and I love cats!
wooo... I look like Nora!

Name: Janei
Nicknames: Zoe, Cricket Molly, Jezz, Littl, peanut, Coralie,Beth
Birthday: February 23rd, '86
Hair: Brown w/gold highlights in the summer and ringlets at the ends. Shoulder length, medium thin
Eyes: Brownish hazel green with a little gold
Miscellanious: Here's all the stuff I'm into: Petz, Acting, Drama, musicals, writing, reading, movies, shopping, friends, guys (only cute ones LOL) computer games, playing with my friends, doing crafts, talking on the phone, watching movies, throwing parties and other stuff.
oo oo!  Lookie!  I'm Janei!! hehe

And here's our cat: Sammy!
hey therethis couch is IMPOSSIBLE to get comfortable on!