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Hey! I'm PJ! Read all about me below!!

My Full Name: Pearl Jade

My Nickname(s): Pearl, Jade, PJ

My Sex: Female

My Birthday: June 11th, '98

How many children I have: 3

My BF: Hunter

Generation: 1st

How many sites I'm featured in: about 2 I think

How many awardz I've won: 7 (see them below)

My History: I come all the way from catz one. In fact I was the third cat that my owner, Janei ever adopted. I have two sisters, and a brother, Autumn, my older sister, Fudge my younger brother, and Nilla, my youngest sister. I have been doing shows since I was very little, just a kitten in catz one. I had always loved to dress up. My owner met Jemma (my modeling agent) on a message board at I think I was only their fifth model! My older sister, Lila, used to model with them as well, but she was lost in a file corruption, I miss her very much, and I dedicate my career to her. I have three children, Viola Eloise, Prince, and Leia, and I am happily married to their father, Hunter. My son, Prince, has been adopted by a friend of Janei's. I have been through all 3 petz games.

My claim to fame: I really started to go somewhere after my owner Janei met up with Jemma, from Pawz Palace. However, sometime after I won my first award, we lost contact with her. Something was wrong with her link to our email. But then, Nora found my picture at their website. I was the "envy of all their models" according to Jemma, and we were finally able to get back in touch. I have lots of show credits, and I am in the top 20 of their 60 models. I am just one point away from being a Champion. Most of my show credits were not towards the system that is used now. I have just a few "actual awards" because of the lost contact with Jemma, and also because many of the shows I was entered in didn't actually give awards, it just went in my modeling record. Anyway, I am proud to be a model, and I just love performing, doing shows, singing, any kind of performing makes me happy, and I love to do it. I encourage all the ownerz of young kittenz to get them into showz if they really enjoy that type of thing.
*SPECIAL NOTE: You can download PJ's porfolio by clicking on her picture next to her Modeling Certificate!

Thanks for Meeting me!!

Some of My Best Pictures

ahh Petz 1 memories... hehe awww... hey hey.. is that drool?  naaahh hmm... is pink my best color?
'Tis I!  Mystery Cat! *snaps paws* i'm a kool kat... Simply dashing, doncha know?
Of coarse the bow matches!  Accessorize, children, accessorize! ah!  Petz 1 Flashback! you talking to me? I am a STAR!
This is my official Modeling certificate! Do you like my new dress?  I luv it!  Oh!  You can download my porfolio by just clicking on this pic!

My Awardz
Thanks, Guys!! I really am honored :)

Well, that's all for now! Visit later in case I add something else! Anyway, thanks for your visit!!