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Adopt a Family!
This is the place where you can adopt special petz families! Like, say you JUST got Petz 3, and are VERY anxious to have a family...Well, here's the place to be!! So look around and email me which fam you want! Oh yea, and you can't have more then one fam, also you MUST include AT LEAST three resons WHY you would like to adopt these cuties and your name and email. Remember: It's not first come first serve anymore, the person who has the most resons, or a nicely developed paragraph, will get the family. If there are no reasons, just like "I want Fam #1" then I'm deleting it. I won't email you back asking for reasons, I'll just delete the email and pretend I never saw it. So if you want the family, you'll have enough time to write down, AT THE VERY LEAST, three reasons, but remember, it's the person who has the most reasons or longest paragraph. So go ahead and look around!

Family #1

Family #2

Family #3

Just copy and paste the following info...

  • I would like family:
  • Your Email:
  • Your three (or more) reasons why
    you think you should own these petz:


    might just be concidering on getting a new fam for Petz 3!