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ALL About Yours Truley!

Hey!! Here's a little bit of info on me!
Oh yea, and my best friends are in aphabetical order, so as not to hurt anyone's feelings :)

My Name: Nora (Kristine) Jacobsen
My Birthday: December 19th (1984)
My Favorite Colors: Yellow and Black
My Pets: I have one cat right now- Sammy
My Best Friends: Cori, Meghan (my cuz), and Nicole
My Online Best Friends: Alexxx, Annie (CDAC/EPCPS), Cait (CK/Calico Kennelz/EPCPS), Ima, Janz (TPH3), Josh, Renee (DSDK), and Venus
Miscellanious: I LUV the movies Scream and CATS. I also
ALWAYS do and always will root for the Orioles! (go Os!)

Here's my cat, Sammy!

hey therethis couch is IMPOSSIBLE to get comfortable on!

These are pictures I drew, as you can see, I LUV the Sailor Moon show! Some pics I got off the net and COPIED (not traced, I don't trace!) I made the first person up, the other three drawings, I got from something else and re-drew. If you would like to see them up close, click on them. Anyway, I drew all of these pics :) Enjoy! (if they don't show up, try right-clicking and click on Show Picture)

I made Sailor Spirit up, to learn more about her, click the picture!
This one took the longest to draw, A WHOLE WEEK!
Ami (blue), Lita (green), Mina (yellow), Rae (red, my fav)
this is Rae (aka Sailor Mars) she's my fav Sailor Scout
I drew Annie(EPCPS) as a Sailor Scout and this is how she looks! I'm in the midst of drawing Cait!
The is the most elegant Neptune (aka Kaiou Michiru) She luvs playing the violin, I just drew her two days ago!
Here is a pic of Sailor Spirit that I drew on the computer!

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peeps learned about the person behind the SMK! (moi)