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Hey! I'm JB! Read all about me below!!

My Full Name: Easter's Jelly Bean

My Nickname(s): JB, Jelly Bean, Easter, Hunny Bunny (*giggles* don't ask! LOL)

My Sex: Female (duh)

My Birthday: Thursday, September 24, 1998 11:52:05 AM

How many children I have: 31 children (some have "flown away from the nest")

My Hubby: Levi's Hard Jeans (Levi)

Generation: 1st

How many sites I'm featured in: 6 that I know of

How many awardz I've won: 11 (see them below)

My History: I was born in Petz 2 as the first manx Nora made. She was so proud of me and she says that I helped fill the hole Frisky and Sprint left behind in a terrible crash. I grew up and met Levi in Petz 2 and we started to date for a long time. I live a pretty good life, Levi and I are now married and we have 31 children (still going!), some have which left the nest. I miss them, but their owners are extremely nice and Nora trusts they'll keep a good eye on them. So anyway, life is peachy.

My claim to fame: Like I said before, I was born in Petz 2. Well, soon Nora got really attached to me, so she taught me really cool tricks and took good pictures of me. Soon, she gave me singing and dancing lessons and I entered some petz shows and sang "On My Own" from Les Mis (the musical) at Silver Moon Kennelz (Nora's origonal site). Nora then went and entered me as a model at several sites, some sites saw my many pictures uploaded at PFM's site and asked about my oufits and bathing suits, plus two people asked me to model or be a mascot for a while. I started showing up and other's websites and eventually Nora found of a magazine called Animale, a cool Petz fashion magazine. I am a perm. model there and now many people have me on their site. I can sing and dance, and, I admit, I'm a ham for the camera. The rest is history...
*SPECIAL NOTE: You can download JB's porfolio by clicking on her picture next to her hand-drawn picture!

Thanks for Meeting me!!

Some of My Best Pictures

Sailor JB!!! I perfer this to the black one, maybe... Sailor Mars...and JB...hehehe...
This old thing?  *smirk* I usually don't like pink, but this Victorian dress is simply pretty! Ravishing in red!
Whoa!  Talk about YOUNG!  Hmmmm, does that crown make me look fat? Ohhhh yea!  Arn't I da bomb... ...and yet sooo modest! *smirk* ahhhh, young luv...
ooo this is a portiut of me, drawn by Stephanie, thanks!! I luv this outfit, it's my fav!  Oh yea!  Click on this picture to get my photo porfolio!

My Awardz
Thanks, Guys!! I really am honored :)

Well, that's all for now! Visit later in case I add something else! Anyway, thanks for your visit!!