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Selective Breeding- Project One, The Frankie Retriever

Welcome to the Selective breeding page! This is the frankie retriever, and it IS posted!! Go download yours today! What is a Frankie Retriever? Well, it's named after Frank Sanatra becuase of the pale baby-blue eyes! Their eyes will sure to make you melt, like the real Frankie! It's a retriever becuase these luvn' guys will "fetch" your heart! They luv to play with the frisbee at the beach!! Download yours!

Aphrodite- Female Athena- FemaleHera- FemaleHestia- Female
_5 Gen._______6 Gen.______4 Gen.______5 Gen.
Hephaestus- MaleHermes- MalePoseidon- Male Zeus- Male
_3 Gen.________3 Gen._______4 Gen._______4 Gen.

Well, here are the breed standers...

Coat Specifications: Frankie's must be all white. 3 points awarded for correct coloring. Any color added or missing earns a 0.

Eyes: Eyes must be pale blue. Any other color earn a 0, except for a little grey-blue, which earns a 1.

Paw/Eyelid Color: Black eyelids only. This earns a 3, any other earns a 0. Black pawpads. Earns 3. Any other color earns 0.

Height: Dogs must be between 4 and 5 points, between 4, and 4.5 equals 3 points, 4.5-5 earns two. Anything above 5 or below 4 earns 0.

Ear Type: Must have a Labrador ear. Earns 3. Any other ear type earns 0.

Muzzel Type: Must have a Labrador muzzel. Earns 3. Any other earns 0.

Body Type: Must have a Labrador body. Earns 3. Any body type not dalmatian earns 0.

Leg Type: Labrador legs. Earns 3. Any other type earns 0.

Body Build: A nice body build. They must have a nice chest and cannot be over weight or too skinny, if they are of normal lab "weight", it earns a 3. Anything else is 0.

Head Build: Labrador head "style", see body.

Disqualifications : Any coloring other than white. The dogz MUST have a white body and pale blue or light grey-blue eyes. Also, they MUST have a Labrador body. If they don't, they are not a pure Frankie Retriever.


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